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"We always love having this at our school.  It is an amazing event for our students and they really appreciate it."

R. Hernandez 
High School Teacher

"We can't thank you and the participants enough.  All of our students, faulty, and staff really enjoyed the information shared.  This was very impactful and meaningful."

N. Carlson 
High School Teacher

"This program is AMAZING and I had some great feedback from my high school students.  KUDOS to you all for bringing such a meaningful message in a powerful program!"

"Outstanding presentation, students were engaged the entire time and affected very much.  This program has and continues to save lives."

G. Snyder 
School Principal

K. Bartlett 
High School Teacher

C. Padilla 
District Representative

"This was an amazing experience and worked really well in a virtual format.  The event was well organized and easy for students/staff to access.  Overall, it was a very impactful experience and a great opportunity for our students."

R. Murillo 
High School Teacher

"Thank you for bring this opportunity to our students.  It is the second time we have had this event at our school and both times the students have really enjoyed the assembly."

"This is such a powerful and meaningful program.  The students found it interesting and informative.  I appreciate the partnership with AAC and I hope you continue on with this important work."

"Can't wait to bring this event back live and in person.  Very appreciative of you mentioning our school and specifics during the virtual presentation so the students could feel more of a connection.  Thank you so much."

M. Norman 
Vice Principal

E. Tobias 
High School Teacher

A. Bascom
Dean of Students

"Wonderful presentation! Powerful! Thank you!"

"What an amazing program.  Than you so much for working with me to get our students involved."

"Great presentation!  Thank you for organizing this!"

"This experience was great for our students.  It was well received and the feedback has been positive.  Thank you so much!"

C. Castro 
High School Teacher

H. Bonds
School Activities Director

J. Kisling
High School Teacher

High School Teacher

"My admin is already talking about booking you next year so I will get back to you soon about coming back to my health classes as well as something school wide. They were all blown away by what they heard and saw today, as was I, and we want this to be school wide ASAP.  If we can get a link to write positive things, I will send it to my students and staff who came today and I'm sure the staff will take the time to write positive things!!  I for sure will 😊" 

School Administrator

"My attentance at one of these events still is hardened in my mind... Amazing information delievered in a way the youth will understand and feel the impact"

"Thank you for the amazing presentation you delivered. We appreciate you and your staff for bringing awareness on this topic to our students and families."

"We are so grateful for you all.  The One Pill Can Kill assembly is still talked about and I had one parent tell me her kid was buying pills and came clean toher that he was so scared he didn't want to lose his life and asked for help with his addiction.  I just ran into her a few weeks ago and she said he's doing amazing!"

High School Teacher

E. Gutierrez 
School Counselor

High School Student

"You don't know me, but I saw your speech today at my school's assembly. In most of the anti-drug assemblies I've seen, they felt ineffective, overdramatized, or like they were talking down to the audience. However, watching your speech today was the complete opposite of that. I can't imagine what it must be like to relive your trauma like that in front of a crowd. Seeing how many lives fentanyl poisoning has taken was heartbreaking. I respect what you're doing: trying to prevent more deaths from happening in that way. The whole assembly felt really informative. I wanted to tell you that I think you managed to do that at my school today. Hope you have a blessed day! (: "

"Thank you so much for hosting the Fentanyl Awareness webinar last night for our SCUSD community. It was so deeply impactful and the way you bring in the guest speakers was incredibly powerful! I cannot say enough how appreciative we are for this service.  Please extend our deepest gratitude to each of your speakers – with a special note of appreciation for Laura and Chris Didier for sharing their personal loss of Zack.  How this all wove together was very compelling – I want to shout from the roof tops for everyone to watch this! We hope to circle back with you shortly about scheduling presentations out at school sites.  Please let us know when the video recording is available, and we will share widely. May you and your team be safe and well"

J. Brinkmann 
School Administrator

"Please send our appreciation to your team for your Arrive Alive DUI Court. The presentation that took place yesterday received fantastic feedback from students and staff members in attendance. Your team was also out at lunch interacting with students, which we loved to see! The message was real, relevant, and engaging for our kids. The messages shared are very important for 9th and 10th graders as they start testing for their driver's licenses. We will definitely schedule another assembly next year. Thank you again for all you do. "

"I wanted to reach out to thank you for your presentation to our community last night at McCaffrey Middle School. The information was concise, relevant and informative. I know the attendees received valuable information about Fentanyl and its effects on our kids. I will certainly pass on your information should I run across another organization that would benefit from your presentation."

City Council Member

School Administrator

Director of Student Services

"I wanted to reach out and thank you for the parent night and assemblies. They were both well received and our district is very appreciative of what you brought to us. Thanks for everything!!"

School Administrator

"THIS WAS A HUGE HIT ON OUR CAMPUS TODAY.  A local high school had students pass away from a DUI just this Sunday evening.

My phone was flooded with messages from teachers as it was happening.

Thank You so so so much for giving us the opportunity to have this on our campus.

Very excited that the quality was wonderful.”

High School Teacher

"My admin was all blown away by what they heard and saw today, as was I. If we can get a link to write positive things, I will send it to my students and staff. I'm sure they will take the time to write positive things!! Thank you SO much!"

"Thank you for sharing the dangers of fentanyl. I've honestly never heard of it and after the presentation I feel like I can potentially save more lives and my own."

High School Student

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