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2023 IMPACT Numbers


Potential Lives SAVED!


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What We Do

Arrive Alive California Inc develops, promotes, and facilitates evidence-based education to raise awareness on possible life altering decisions - thereby saving lives.

Impact in Action


RDC In Schools Program

Transferring a case of a first time DUI offender to be sentenced in front of a high school is a two-pronged approach of educating teenagers about the consequences of driving impaired as well as the role and decisions of the judicial branch of the government. Following the sentencing the judge will co-facilitate the interactive portion of the presentation; the intent is to allow for significant dialogue among the students, judge, attorneys, and law enforcement. 


Future Focused: FENTANYL Awareness

There is a public health crisis happening in our community with the primary factor being fentanyl. Together with Drug Recognition Experts and health care professionals, AAC brings life saving information of drug prevention and counterfeit pill awareness inside the classroom with our active participation programs, student instruction, school assemblies, Town Hall Meetings, parent workshops, and train the trainer opportunities.

Mental Mastery

Mental Health & Mindfulness

The latest statistics on mental health paints a grave picture.  7 out of 10 young people say their mental health is weighing them down.  86% are overwhelmed while 51% don't feel comfortable talking about mental health.  AAC works with mental health professionals to provide teens with real tools to help them "unpack" and identify stressors, teach peer to peer wellness support and personal safety instruction.


At Arrive Alive California Inc, we are passionate about saving lives and building a community of responsible and empowered individuals. We believe that everyone deserves the knowledge, tools, and resources necessary to make informed decisions and prioritize safety and well-being.


Our organization takes a unique, holistic, and multi-faceted approach to developing and promoting evidence-based education using subject matter experts. We believe that empowering individuals to make informed choices and act responsibly is the key to prevention.



Our pursuit is to create a world where preventable accidents are a thing of the past and everyone can arrive alive. We envision a future where all individuals have the ability to make informed decisions and prevent tragedies through our evidence-based education and holistic approach.

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